10+ Reasons to choose us

Why choose us?

50+ Technical indicators and strategies

RSI, MACD, BB, and many other indicators and figures.

Telegram Integration

Manage your orders and get trade alerts in Telegram.

Python code

All our strategies are highly configurable and customazible. We run our code on Python.


We really like data-driven decisions, so we allow to backtest and optimize your strategies before running on real data.

AI integration

We use AI for strategies optimization and prediction.


We work only with best robots on the markets and host them on stable servers.

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Binance ballances afrer applyint 2 strategies
We work hard to automate your trading.

Build any strategy.

All modern strategies and indicators.

  • Triangular arbitrage
  • Cross-exchanghe arbitrage
  • Cross exchange market making
  • Volume making
  • Candles building
  • Pure market making
  • 50+ indicators
  • AI prediction
  • Strategies backtesting
Robot in telegram
More with less

All variety of strategies and indicators in your control

We work with cutting-edge robots and platform and able to implement almost any of your strategies.

What our customers think about MaxBots

What they say?

Our support team help you 24/7

Frequently asked questions

How to configure a strategy

You fill the configuration form and then get your strategy working.

What programming language are using for bots?

All our bots are written in Python.

Where can I host a bot

Your bot can be hosten on our VPS or we can configure it on your server. Bots are running 24/7.

What exchanges does bot support?

Currently it supports Binance and Bittrex, but we can configure any exchange per request.

Can I have more then 1 bot running?

Yes, we can configure any number of bots running in parallel.

How to get support

You can get support for questions you are interested in any time 24/7 via chat window.